"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Another Thursday spent in New York City

Too much fun to be had in the city!  Aurora and I have known for a while that LDE was going to be playing Tribeca on July 8th and it was imperative that we be there.  It was an added bonus that Akiva and Dave Pittenger were playing together the same night in NYC as well.  No excuse not be in the big apple!   My ass was quite wrecked from the night before so we left a little bit later than we anticipated, but still enough time to hit Wawa before leaving.  We listened to tunes and caught up on our July 4th weekend and made it to Hoboken in fine time.   
Hopped the subway and made it into the city without a plan or destination.  We emerged at 33rd and wandered around not knowing where the hell we were or where to go but that was the fun of it.  We found some stores and shopped...compliments of Maryellen.  Gotta love text messaging.  Phil called me while we were in H&M and they were heading into the tunnel.  I can't beleive the boy called me to get directions to places in the city.  Does he not know that I am the worst ever at that?!  Our conversation impelled me to laugh at the people who shop at Dress Barn and made me run smack into this woman who wasn't very happy.  Oh well.  
Aurora and I decided to do the touristy thing and head to Time Square.  We were also on a mission to find the NY map from the New Yorker.  We thought it would be an easy find.  YEAH RIGHT!!  But it sent us into a scavenger hunt throughout the city.  We had lunch at the nicest deli ever and trespassed into a ritzy hotel.  We also enjoyed Coldstone which probably wasn't the best idea we ever had.  We knew we had to end up at 1st and 50th so we just kept walking that direction hitting up every store en route trying to find this map.  NYC was winning the scavenger hunt until a nice book man told us that it was available online and we wouldn't find it in the city.  Oh yay, we tied with the city!  So we hit up the subway again onward to Azaza.  Or so we thought.  We got on the train and two stops later the train stopped due to a downed train ahead of us.  So instead of sitting there, we decided to hoof it.   
We got to see Saks Fifth Avenue and a pretty church across the street from it.  The looooooong walk finally ended at Azaza where we were tired and disgusting.  So of course the first person we see is Akiva - so hopefully we didn't smell too bad.   The previous time at Azaza I used bandaids, this time I seriously glued my shirt to myself.  Too bad Ken wasn't there to exchange texts.  We collapse on the cooshy seats and watch the music.  We were afraid we were going to miss Akiva, but he told us that him and Dave were going to switch off the entire night.  Oh yay.  And of course Aurora and I texted each other during the performances because there was just too much to say.   We left around 9:45 to hit up Tribeca. 
We cab it and I think it may be the first time in NYC history that the cabbie had no idea where our destination was.  So I call up Phil and he gives us the intersection, which actually isn't that obscure.  Church and Warren?!  
We get there and "help" LDE set up.  Or watch.  Whichever.  Chris let me hold his precious guitar, and I did a better job then he did.  I didn't come close to dropping it!  Aurora also did a fine job of securing the percussion stuff.  I don't think Brian thinks I am an ass anymore, or maybe he is just nicer to me now.  I dunno.  But it was cool.  The guys, except for Doug, had on black shirts and jeans.  It was like a uniform, and we definitely called them out on it.  They rocked and it was fun.  Playing all originals and new stuff.  Their last song was kinda lame, but we are still supportive.  It was more like a pop punk lyrical disaster.   
I attempted some picture taking, but I didn't want to get in the way of the crowd, so I was stuck on Chris' side, which left very little room for imagination.  I think I only got three good shots from a whole hours worth of shooting.  Oh well, yay for digitals.   So I got this weird call during their set, and just thought it was Tony, so I texted him.  After LDE finished, Phil told the crowd to come see me for free discs and I was bombarded.  After the crowd left, I checked my vmail and nearly died.  I was speechless as Aurora asks..."tony? dave? akiva? who?!?!?" And all I can utter is "job" and we book it through the venue and out into the NYC streets.  It was Maverick records and they wanted to know if I could come out to LA.  Ok, so that story will be continued another time.   
So we are freaking out and I text people and people call and I am talking to Dave and Akiva calls and its hilarious because they were in the same room and I don't think they realized they were both talking to me and it was just a good few minutes.  I run back inside the venue and run into Tony and he buys me a drink to celebrate.  It was just so great because that whole day was spent with fabulous people and I got to see some of my favorite musicians and I was in NYC and it felt so right.   So around 1 am we say our goodbyes and head off towards Hoboken.  We stayed in the subway stations FOREVER.  Aurora, Tony, and I were just being wacky. 
We had to ration our Mike & Ikes.  Aurora also grabbed my spray glue (i had it with me just in case) and read off the warnings.  Apparently you shouldn't spray it on skin.  And it makes you delusional.  On the subway, Aurora tells us how her brother saw the Presidents of the United States perform twice, but she pronounced it "PUSA".   After a few seconds of stifled laughter, Tony said he was glad her brother has seen PUSA twice.  In an arena.  I don't think our passenger neighbors were entertained.  Oh yeah, and Josie and the Pussycats and Scooby Doo rules.
Ok, so an hour later we end up in Hoboken and head to Dunking Donuts.  The guy was an ass, but we got our beverages and trekked to the car.  WHICH WAS 800 MILES AWAY!! Seriously!! We almost needed another drink by the time we got there.  So not fun walking.  We beat the sunrise and made it to DE around 4:30am...