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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my rotten tuesday

Usually I am so busy that I have almost every minute of my day planned, and Tuesday was no exception with my schedule jam packed with riding, working at the tv studio, then closing the record store.On my way to my barn, I realized that I had left my wallet at my apartment, so I turned around - just in case something happened. Less than a mile away from my place, I sputtered out and drifted along side of the road. I have a 2001 Cabrio that I love dearly and I have never had any problems with it.

Frustrated that this now put a dent in my itinerary, I called Raf since he was the only male that was closeby and would be up. We check out my car, in the pouring rain, and couldn't figure anything out. I called my roadside assistance (yay VW!) and they said that a tow truck would be there within an hour. Awesome. So I sat in the car, wet and cold, while people beeped at me for slightly blocking the intersection. Some maintanence men who saw me earlier came by and helped me push my car out of the way since the tow truck still wasn't there.

An hour passed by, and still no truck, so I call, they said within another hour. Great. Then, around 11 am, I lost all power in my car - no heat, no music, no clock...and I was now locked in my car. What the fuck.I call Newark police. 45 minutes later, they come, and still no tow truck. I call again, within an HOUR. GRRRR. I AM COLD AND WET AND MISSED TWO OF MY JOBS IN THE MORNING. I was so not happy. At least I got some phone calls out of the way because there was nothing else to do.

Around 12:30 the police come again and block off where I was stranded. How embarassing, and we all push my car into a vacant lot. I call the towing place again and totally reamed out the receptionist. I felt kinda bad afterwards, but for goodness sake, I could have walked to the towing company, it was less than ten miles away!

1:30 the tow truck came. Yup, 4 HOURS. My poor little car whimpered as it was lifted onto the truck. The alarm quietly wailed in sadness as we departed. Maybe it was sad that I hadn't taken it on a roadtrip in over a week, and that I hadn't driven it at all this past weekend. The Go-Go Cabrio doesn't like to be idle! I broke its heart and it felt neglected so it broke down!

I just picked up my car and one of its electrical coils burnt out and needed to be replaced. At first they told me it would be a $500 repair, but when I got there I discovered that it was covered under my warranty. Oh happy day.

I don't think anyone loves their car more than I love mine. :-)