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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

another random convo with morgan

"so tonight, as usual, miranda and i had a very enlighting conversation on the fact that we’re both all growed up with real jobs and not in college anymore. our biggest problems aren’t how we’re gonna get drunk this weekend, or who’s this weekends hook up. its like realtionship stuff that old people talk about. except this time we’re old. but we’re not all growed up, becuase after all, we still travel hundreds of miles on a whim to hang out with our freinds and take in some live music, somewhere in the country, on any given weekend."

captn morgster: serioulsy what is there to loose if everyone sees that its there
captn morgster: and you both want it to happen
galileo358: stupid growing up
captn morgster: dont you miss the nights of going to a kegger getting it on and leaving in the morning with no hard feelings?!
galileo358: i was talking to (someone) about it and he was like "what if something bad happens" i was like "if something bad happens it happens, but you cant avoidsomething based on what ifs, because it could be the one that actually works"
captn morgster: wow that was very grown up of you :-)
galileo358: I KNOW!! i miss those days where i would make out with a random boy on a futon in a basement
galileo358: what can i say, i got health insurance today
captn morgster: YAY
captn morgster: we're offically old
galileo358: so very grown up of me! I KNOW!
captn morgster: both have health insurace and are bitching about relationships to each other
galileo358: the day that i celebrate getting benefits is very sad. i was actually enjoying looking for doctors and specialists. yeah and relationships, not random hookups. when the fuck did we grow up? but we aren;t totally grown up because we still hit the road hard haha
captn morgster: that's true. i mean we were at a diner 150 miles away from home at 4am on a thrusday ngiht
captn morgster: that explains everyting
galileo358: and it means everything
captn morgster: yup :-)
galileo358: boring people suck
captn morgster: hahah yeah
galileo358: this is totally blogworthy
captn morgster: that it is