"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

uber bored

Maryellen sent this and I am responding because I need stimulation.

Middle name: Leah
Were you named after anyone? a song (Midnight Wind by John Stewart)
Do you like your handwriting? no - it's awful!
What is your favorite lunch meat? i don't eat meat.
What is your birth date? 10/13/80D
o you wish on stars? everynight from my skylight :-)
What is your most embarrassing CD? i dunno - i love my cracked rear view by hootie - it's a guilty pleasure
If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? yes, i would love me haha
Are you a daredevil? downright devious ;-)
Where is your second home? i have lots of homes - in cities near you such as Newark! DC! Illadelphia!
What was your favorite toy(s) as a child? my little pony, hot wheels
What class in high school do you think was totally useless? i got out of the ones that i thought were useless and took plenty of painting and creating writing and science math classes instead
Favorite movies? high fidelity, spinal tap, best in show, say anything, empire records, almost famous
Favorite cds? too many! of the moment - honestly, the killers, the format, the perishers, amos lee...
What are your nicknames? mir, andy, randy, randa
Would you bungee jump? sure
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? nope
Do you think that you are strong? sure
and emotionally- even the best fall down sometimes...
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate peanut butter
What are your favorite colors? orange, purple, green, black
What are your least favorite things about yourself? my indecisiveness, my OCDness haha
What do you like most about yourself ? my toes are fun! i try to make the best out of every situation however mundane it may be, does that count?
Who do you miss most? too many to even list, my mirandabands :-), friends in Newark, DC, and Philly (see second homes :-) )
What are you wearing right now? flips flops, ripped jeans, black tank top, green t-shirt...yes maryellen, the same outfit i wore last night...
What are you listening to right now? Danielle flip thru radio stations
Last person you talked to on the phone? real person for me - Nate when I called him on my walk to work this morning. real person not for me - my boss
The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? hair and shoes - make them count
Do you like the person who sent this to you? of course i do!
Favorite Drink? coffee
Favorite Sport? riding, running, lacrosse
Hair Color? brown
Eye Color? grey
Favorite Food? italian, indian, mexican, thai, chinese
Last Movie You Watched? high fidelity
Favorite Day Of The Year? no idea. i am loving these spring days though!
Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? scary movies
Summer Or Winter? Summer
Ocean, lake or mountains ? ocean
Hugs OR Kisses? making out is fun, but i am more of a hugger
Favorite Dessert? anything with peanut butter (this just reminded me of a diner convo last night), though the coke and chocolate cake that akiva told me about sounds awesome
Who Is Most Likely To Respond? morita
Who Is Least Likely To Respond? maryellen because she already filled it out ;-)
What Book Are You Reading? Hitmen
What's On Your Mouse Pad? nothing, I have a laptop at home, and at work one of those laser ones
How many pillows on your bed? 5, sleep with 2
What did you watch on TV last night? nothing, i went to a show then the diner then home
Favorite Smells? fireplaces, freshair, cut grass
Favorite memories? so many - roadtrips, shows, late nights
Rolling Stones or Beatles? beatles
Where is the furthest you've been from home? mexico
Dream vacation? london...or sydney