"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, September 13, 2002

Happy Friday the 13th!!!
I love Friday the 13ths :-) My birthday is exactly a month away. But not on a Friday. I just like creapy dark stuff. But nothing creepy and dark happened today.

Unless you want to discuss my inability to cook. That is pretty scary in itself. The first time I used my stove in my apartment I burned myself. I think I still have a scar :-/. Every morning is a constant battle with my cream of wheat. You have to boil the milk first, so I keep it on the stove at 9. and it slowly cooks, then like a volcano, I get a mound of white foam across the stove. It just explodes. Ok, it doesn't explode...it rises pretty quickly then by the time I grab it it already spilled over onto the burner then it smokes up and if I am lucky the smoke alarm doesn't go off. It's all about the timing. I shouldn't be able to handle hot objects that early in the morning.
Then the peanut butter incident today. Did you know that peanut butter also explodes? I left it in the microwave a bit too long and it kinda just popped and splattered all in the microwave. That was a first though.
And I still haven't mastered the art which is omelette making. It just looks like scarmbled eggs with cheese and mushrooms. Not an omelette. It looked like the sad remains of an omelette gone bad.
My mom doesn't think I eat so she send food about every week. Just stuff in boxers or freezer stuff. Food more on my level. :-) If it be prepared, heated up, and served in six minutes, then it's a Miranda Meal.

Maybe tomorrow I will stick to toast.