"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, August 26, 2002

I bought my books today. And a planner.
I buy a planner every year thinking each time that I have new and blank pages for me to graffiti upon and document my trials and tribulations on....but usually after the second week the planner transforms from a reminder book to a coaster. I have a pretty good memory and super mental calendar skills that using a planner is usually a mockery.I look to my left and I see my marbled purple planner...with a blue cup sitting perfectly in the center. Sigh.
Again, I buy my books every semester and do I read them....? Sometimes. I don't understand how one book, not even a book, an UNbook can cost $75. Maybe if it had a cover it would be worth $75. But no, it is a stack of papers wrapped in plastic, which is about half an inch thick, and with holes on the left hand side. Kind of them to pre-punch the holes in the paper. And that will probably be the book in which only one chapter is assigned. $75 to read the summary at the end of the chapter.
This semester should prove intersting, usually I take a bunch of television classes or all political science classes, but I threw some variance in there this time. I'm almost done....more on college later. This is my fall.
Public Speaking
Theories of Mass Communication
Early Modern European Intellectual History
International Human Rights and Film