"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, January 11, 2004

"so you say you don't know how your broken dreams just drag you down"

Whoa. I just found the most perfect job posting.

About two years ago, Michelle and I were driving to Grape Street. Which wouldn't have been anything odd, except we were going to see a new band, we both hadn't slept in days, and we both had papers due the next day that we hadn't started yet. I remember it as clear as yesterday as we were going over the bridge that she could see me as being an A & R rep. This was also during the time where I was determined to work in television news production. And well now you see where I am and though I never forgot what Michelle said to me, I just figured that there were steps and distractions towards the process. Such as if I ever win the lottery, I will open my own venue first. Which sort of encompasses the beauty of the A & R aspect.

But yeah, during my neverending real job search - don't get me wrong, I love working at Rainbow and its great, but come on, I can't be doing this for YEARS, well, unless they give me the store haha - but yeah, I found an entry level A & R rep for the Northeast. Granted I still have the grad school thing to go through, but hey, worth a shot. I have had this link bookmarked for years, here is why i want to do it.

I won't put down the whole listing, but think I fit the reqs?
Job Requirements:
1. Knowledge of regional/current music scene, required.
2. Strong presentation skills, both verbal and written, required.
3. Range of musical knowledge, required.
4. Knowledge of music retail, required.
5. Music retail experience, preferred.
6. Dependable automobile, valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, required.
7. PC Skills, Experience with word, excel and graphics programs, preferred.
8. Ability to handle multiple tasks, required.
9. College degree, preferred.