"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, July 18, 2004

good year for the girls

After a long night in NYC and a long stretch of driving, I also had to wake up early to take care of my horses on Friday.  Tony got to stretch out on the futon and sleep in while I worked, ugh.  After I came home, he gave me mega support during my Maverick phone call and it was fabulous. 
Tony also works at WVUD, so we trekked to the station to have a train wreck of a show.  The music wasn't bad, but our bantering was hilarious.  Seriously, who names their kid ESPN!?!  Of course we are gonna shoot it down.  Afterwards i beg Dave to pick us up early so we can spend more time in Wawa then go see Jen earlier.
We leave a bit before 6 and hit up Wawa to chose our dinner.  Which um, Bruno, is far better than Sheetz.  You know its gonna be a good evening when I hit up the counter with a large Wawa coffee (dark roast, vanilla cream, 3 blue packets, black lid, red straw) in one hand and a Rockstar energy drink in my left.  I could feel the shakes already!! En route, I made hone calls to my mom, Mark, and Jim then we headed off to um, Sheetz for gas.  And mentos.  We hit up the mint and the strawberry. 
I was feeling pretty ill from mentos overload when we got to Jen's.  Ugh.  Her place is super nice!!!  And it was all decorated in purple and green - yay!  It was great visiting her and seeing that she is doing well in her new environment and job.  Even though we try to talk mostly everyday, I know we will always have a great friendship and fabulous time together.  And its only just begun.
We head off to the Iota and I think we drove the boys nuts.  And we actually screamed when Dave pulled a massive u-turn. 
We get to the venue and drinks were had.  As well as making fun of others.  I swear, those chicks were fugly and they went into the stall together.  And seriously, its July, don't be wearing clothing that I can pet.  Fuzzy wuzzy.  And um, that look is mesmerizing. 
John Faye finds us and we chat then make our way towards the stage so we can celebrate Super Suga's birthday in true Delaware fashion.  Welcome Home was of course, the opener.  So we sing and dance and drink and have a fabulous time.  I think Dave Anthony laughed at us.  Or maybe he was smiling.  Who knows. 
We go to leave and the lead singer of The Argument says "you're miranda!" in which someone...tony? jen? dave? had an interesting reply to the effect that this always happens.  So we said hello then went on our merry way to getting lost in DC.  Ohh I think I even said something out the window to some people in DC.  Oh no!! I think I may have called someone a douche out the window!!!  Oh I feel bad.  Please tell me I didn't do that!!
Haha and we also saw pandas.  Pandas pandas everywhere!  I think we dropped Jen and Tony off around 3 and we made it home around 5 am.