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Sunday, July 04, 2004

y100 love

I really have nothing to write about. Phantom Planet is coming back into town this week, and though I really want to go, I am not. Then I remember that nothing will be better than the Apil 8, 2004 Phantom Planet show. This is all about me catching up in the past few months.

A few months ago, I met someone from Warner Brothers and we talked about some bands on the label that I liked. Most notably Pat McGee Band and Johnathan Rice, among others. We also chatted about The Darkness and I told him how the tickets for the philly show sold out in 92 seconds - a fact I know since Dan engrained it in my mind. So Mr. WB guy said he would try to get me tickets since he may have some industry passes. Score! Days later, instead of tickets to the Philly show, he told me he got me two passes to see The Darkness play their sonic session on April 2. Woohoo!

Dan and I dodge the raindrops and head up to Indre Studios. We stood in line forever then about 75 of us shuffled in front of the stage. The people working it kept telling us it was going to be loud. No shit it was going to be loud. They gave out toilet paper for earplugs, but we wanted unadulterated rock. It was great, we weren't cramped and we were right there. This was the first performance Justin sang since being sick, and it sounded great. "That guy" also made an appearance at the show. He was wearing The Darkness shirt and was right in front. Cool dude.

A week later, I was hooked up with Phantom Planet Sonic Session tickets, so Dan and I both dodged out of work and headed up to Khyber. This was even better than the Darkness. The Khyber may hold 100 people. And Phantom Planet is wonderful. I hadn't seen them live before this, though I have liked them for a whole now, so it was really cool seeing them in such an intimate venue. And it was loud.

Yay for free intimate rock.