"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, September 06, 2004

tell me does the world revolve the same

I just sat on the floor of my apartment listening to "Beneath These Fireworks" by Matt Nathanson, mesmerized by the music and unable to move. Feelings and moments from the past few years flooded in and I remembered, though I never really forgot, how amazing this CD and everything in my life that was happening while I was discovering Matt. Four and three years ago, so long ago, yet it could have been yesterday. Sitting outside on the sidewalks of the Point and blaring the CDs through my dorm hallways. It was this, Howie, and that permeated through my head in year 2000 and were my saving grace with the stress of riding, fights with the bf, and I find my solace by finding the road. Stumbling in and out of cafes, late nights on the beach, these are the songs that were our anthems.

And I am a bit jaded. Perhaps it was when Michelle and I sat down during most of a John Mayer show still basking in glory of seeing him in bars. I had that whole scene down. Just years before its time. And though my tastes have expanded and found more niches, I don't think I ever really strayed too far. From Death Cab to Cutie to Soulive to Built to Spill, which I think are all so damn great, I keep discovering that as much as I try to run away from it all, I keep finding the comfortability within the singer-songwriters and whatever band they may bring with them.

This is a fucking great CD.