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Thursday, April 07, 2005

throw parties, not bouquets

The other day, Tanya and I were discussing our good friend Chris L's recent engagement (I'll blog more about that closer to June 16th! Publicity!). We agreed that we'd want to tone down the wedding if it meant having more people there - especially because we are broke and gregarious. Tanya also had the brilliant idea of not having it catered, per se, but instead just have nachos. How perfect! Nachos from Kate's and cheese fries from the East End. The other stuff really isn't needed, and our friends like nachos better than cucumber sandwiches. Also, forget wine and liquor - Yuengling all the way. I added that I don't really care where my wedding is, and I think weddings are dull so I wouldn't want to subject my guests to anything boring - so forget the actual wedding, let's just go to the afterparty (what do they call them, receptions?)! Also, who needs a crummy DJ when you can have a band? And seeing how 98% of my friends are associated to me through music - if the groom to be is in a band, we don't really need rings because I wouldn't want him to wear it on stage since it compromises the image. By the looks of this, it seems as though my wedding is just going to be like any other weekend night spent at home - good friends, beer, greasy foods, and music - how perfect! Haha, who's in?