"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

it was all fun and games before the motorcyle was busted out

I know the coolest people ever. I have spent the past few hours at my desk fighting back bursts of laughter. I have to share this because this may have been the greatest e-mail threads of a while...

The characters: Maryellen, Chris Morita, Green to Think Steve, Hoboken Aimee, and Fake Chapter/SONY BMG Gilligan

And it all started with Maryellen inviting us over to her place for snacks and drinks before DJ Robb Roncs spins at Mulligans on the 20th...

(I had told Morita over the weekend that Steve got himself a Harley and we chuckled a little in the car and Morita said he had to find the perfect way to bring it up...)

e-mail address replaced by names...and yes, we are all at work.

Morita: Oh wait, only if Steve rides his new motorcycle there..............dude, THAT is hilarious!
Aimee: Did somebody say Steve has a motorcycle? Now that is quality information! Nice, now if he will just buy those red pants and red shoes he keeps asking me to make for him!
Miranda: Oh please no red pants. Please please please no red pants. And especially not red pants with red shoes! Yup, I beleive now someone sports a Harley ;-) I would have gone the Vespa route.
Steve: That's it...red pants, red shoes and motorcycle at this party. You're all gonna be so jealous.
Morita: the fact that you bought a Harley is easily one of the funniest things I've heard in a LONG time!
Miranda: is it like a mega huge harley or like a crotch rocket harley? is it red? can you pop a wheelie? this is way too super fun!
Steve: 1st of all...Harley doesn't make crotch rocket fag bikes. 2nd...it's not a huge bike but it's heavy as a mofo. 3rd...fuck you chris...you little mexican 4th of all...Gilligan likes to wear women's underpants.
Maryellen: when can i get a ride on this thing? hope you have two helmuts.....so, let's say my apt 8:30 on may 20th.. i will have some drinks.. and some munchies.. nothing nuts... then we can head over to mulligans...HAHAHAHHAAAAai KNEW it!!! especially red, lace thongs...
Miranda: hey girl pants are in for guys right now, gilligan is just a little covert about it ;-) just kidding :-)
Aimee: WOW - Chris are you really gonna take that abuse from a guy who wears red pants, red shoes, and drives a crotch rocket?
Morita: Oh how I love this, great stuff! So are you gonna do any press shots for GTT featuring you on your smooth new Harley? Maybe record a Steppenwolf cover for the new disc?
Gilligan: hey. i've been the only one sitting here doing his damn work and you got to drag me into it you little bitch. i don't wear women's underpants. in fact, the only pair i have are the ones katie left in my place.
Aimee: Yeah and you can have Gilligan on the back of the cover in his "girl's underpants"!
Morita: Steve Piperno bought a Harley, there is no need to try to comeback from that, it can't be done! lol.
Miranda: Panties are being thrown in the makeout room!!
Ohhhh sexy - Steve and Kavi all spread out on the shiny Harley will surely sell some albums. Make sure the manbag is prominently displayed haphazardly tossed across the handlebars.
Maryellen: i am actually laughing so hard, i have tears! cowboy steve on his harley. fake chaper president on the back with his red thong. its a multi-platnium album, for sure!