"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

losing things

You know, I wasn't laughing when my friends all looked at me when the Towson guy announced the lost and found at Tiger Fest this weekend. They make fun of me because I constantly lose things. I know exactly where everything is, just not at that moment! I just got an e-mail from Judy saying that I left my umbrella and hat in the SUV. At least I "found" my ipod cord thingy when Morita brought it with him. Oh yeah, and I totally panicked Friday night. I went downstairs to meet Morgan and go to the grocery store and when I came home - no keys! At least Cheryl and Lindsey were home, so they let us back in. I was pretty spastic looking all over the apartment and freaking out...only to find my keys in my bag, where they rightfully should be. Sigh.

Speaking of losing things, I have my voice back. Totally sucked yesterday. As of aorund 6 pm, no voice, or at least barely audible. Especially because I had to make a few calls last night, mostly personal. Sorry Dan I missed your late night call, you wouldn't have been able to hear me anyways! I spent most of last night working on the computer, yay for electronic voice. And since I didn't really have to concentrate on anything, just send out a bunch of emails, I flipped on the TV. I wasted an hour of my life watching The Bachelor. What the hell?!?! Seriously...what the hell?!?!? I'm not even going to comment.

The good thing about having curly hair is that I can roll out of bed, change my clothes, and head out the door, and I still look put together. Which is what I did today. Nothing like sleeping in late and getting to work early. I'm still dragging though, I have traded in my usual dark roast coffee for chai. Real chai, not powdered chai. I brought about ten bags of tea from the apartment and I promise that they will be gone before I leave. I don't know how I am going to function with barely any caffeine. I may go into remission.

Now I am talking with Chris L. about band stuff. This, of course, is way more important than researching flights and hotels.