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Sunday, May 01, 2005

i would lose my head if it was't attached

I am notorious for losing my keys. Last weekend was the epitome of me losing things. First off, I lost my cell, only to be retrieved by Dan and Chris. A few hours later, while at a venue in Philly, I realized I had lost my license (to be found the next day on the floor of my apartment). The next morning I couldn’t find my shoes and only an hour ago while talking to Tanya and Morita did I discover that they are in Morita’s trunk. I have no idea how they even got there. I could have sworn that I wore them to the Grape, so maybe I went barefoot to Tanya’s?!!? No idea! But at least they’re found. Also that weekend I lost my cell phone charger. I had just lost my charger in Vermont a month earlier, so I was pretty frustrated. Found out that I left it in NJ, so I bought, or “borrowed” one from the Verizon store, used it for a week, repackaged it, returned it, and now I have my old charger back. I think it was Maryann or Aurora who said that I needed a shirt with Velcro on it so I could just attach my important objects to myself. It wouldn’t be that hot, but I probably wouldn’t be as frustrated as much. Since I have written this blog, Morita has texted me to let me know that I left my iPod USB cord at his place. I’m awesome.