"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, May 01, 2005

nothing is going right

I am not even going to edit this. I am writing this in Chris’s car going down to Baltimore and I can’t see my keyboard. It’s rainy and dark. I just tried to watch a DVD and apparently my laptop doesn’t want to cooperate. Stupid updates and obviously I don’t get wireless on 95 South. We are listening to Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. I took FOUR trains to get to Pennsauken today. Then I found out where people die in Pennsauken. They wait by themselves by the desolate train tracks then get thrown into the river behind the tracks. Morita picked me up and we went to his house with the intention to steal music from each other, but his itunes was acting up, so we quit and went to Wawa. Oh, yeah, the first thing that went wrong was that I missed one train because some old douche couldn’t figure out the automatic train ticket machine and I missed my damn train by like thirty seconds and had to wait twenty five minutes for the next one. So that was the first thing that went wrong, the second being the itunes not working. But yay for Wawa. Or no yay for Wawa because dropping hot coffee all over yourself due to bumpy roads kinda sucks. And it hurts. Three things wrong. Then it poured and we skidded a bit. Awesome. Four things. We listened to LDE’s old gem, “Ecstasy Sold Here”, or more like we played a minute of each song…then we were in good ol’ Newark. Yay home. We met up with Maryann and had dinner at DP Dough and waited forty minutes for our dough. Five things wrong. We also took some guys seat and he used the word “usurp”. At this rate, by the time we got our food, Quick Step John would be on stage, so we decided to bring our dough to Trabant and say hi to our guys. We said our quick hellos, ran into Tanya, scarfed our food, and met up with Jay. Oh yeah, and the band Radiowhore sucks. Like, they may be the worst band ever and I only heard two songs. One of which was a Nirvana cover. The guitarist also felt the need to rock out and kick his guitar, which Maryann called more of a punt. But it was still so great to see so many faces in such a short amount of time in Newark: Maryann, Dan, Chris L., Carolina, Tanya, and Jay. So now I am writing this from mile 65 going south on 95 to Fletcher’s in Baltimore. I was telling Morita earlier that I don’t know what I would do if I always stayed home, there is just too much to see, so much going on to stay inside. Instead, there is nothing like going through two entire states to see a band play. But it’s not just about the music – Fletcher’s is a fun place with great memories (Zombies, Aurora?!). Tomorrow is a festival in Hoboken then my mom and I are going to do something random in NYC.