"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, April 28, 2005

a Sunday jaunt to PA, NY, and NJ

“Wishing on what-ifs
Takin' my chances
That was before the day forever died” ~ matt wertz

I love waking up in Philly, hanging out in New York City, and falling asleep in New Jersey.

Sunday morning Tanya and I woke up right before noon. We went downstairs for tea and pancakes and caught each other up on our lives. This time last year we were both spinning in circles being crazy every weekend with the guys and feeling so confident that everything was going to go right for us. We almost made it. She’s teaching in Philly and I am in NYC in the music industry, but we’re still struggling to find what we want and how to get it. Luckily our plans coordinate and she is looking for a teaching job in the city and will be moving up here right when my lease ends. Maryellen found a one bedroom already, but Tanya and I can make a sweet bachelorette pad. Dan may make his way into the city too. How crazy would it be if we all lived together? We’d never go out ever, we’d stay in and have awesome soirees every night. Chris and Carolina can get their place in Manhattan, and we can all be neighbors with Nick and Jesse then they’d have to make a reality show about us all.

My mom picked me up in the afternoon and I filled her in about all the awesome rock happenings of the past two weeks. We also stopped at the Wawa where I picked up Wawa goodies to last me a few days in NYC and also my usually 20 oz of coffee for the road. I drove the rest of the way home and it was fabulous. I only almost got into an accident twice, when I was talking to Dan, then Judy on the phone. I blame the guy in front of me though. Who brakes suddenly when we are crawling at 15 mph?!?!

I made it to Hoboken safe and sound and hopped o the subway into the city to meet up with Judy, Angela, Anna, Bonnie, and Mike. We killed some time and downed some caffeine at Mocca Espresso Lounge before heading down the cold streets to The Knitting Factory. We rocked out to Andy Davis and Matt Wertz. The show was absolutely great. I’ve known Wertz’s stuff for a while, just had never seen him live before. The kid is charismatic and entertained both during and between his songs. And he had stellar vintage Nike shoes.