"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

leprosy and stalkers

Sorry for the random postings, but I have a massive headache and am only thinking in spurts.

I have bandaids all over my feet due to walking around the city in sandals on Sunday. Danielle asked what was wrong, and since I scraped all of the skin off of my palms (my running incident), I still don't have feeling in my index fingertip (the knife accident), and I wore a skirt today thus exposing my two skinned knees (see above mention about running incident), I informed her that I am not a klutz, but that I have leprosy and my skin is falling off.

Right before this conversation, I encountered Weird Guy #3 on my floor. We have a sign outside of our door saying who we are. The sign is not an open invitation for guys in bands to come strolling in and telling me their bands life story. So this guy saw me in the hallway before and asked me about my work, in which I briefly answered his questions and brushed him off. Then today he comes strolling in and lays a press kit on my desk and continues to talk to me, as if he can't see that I am in the middle of working. He then informs me that he spoke to the other guys I work with and that they are expecting the press kit. After he leaves, I ask Laura the deal, and she said he pounced on our boss after he came out of the restroom, and that there was no invitation to drop off a kit. As Danielle, Laura, and I are talking about my leprosy, Rich runs into the office, literally. I told him that our friend stopped by and he said that he knows, which is why he ran into the office, to avoid him. Too funny. But seriously, WHO JUST WALKS IN AND HANDS A MANAGEMENT COMPANY THEIR SORRY PRESS KIT!?!?!

I have one of those headaches that has lasted all day and that I know I am going to pass out from since the pain is so intense. Yay for health insurance so I can finally get these recurring headaches checked out. They're going to tell me that I am too stressed and that I should lay off the caffeine. Like hell those two are going to change.