"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, April 15, 2005

what am i, five?!?

After work last night, I decided to brave the dark streets of Hoboken and take a run around town. Now I fully understand that running at night isn't exactly the best idea, but it was still kinda light out and people were milling around. Plus I can run fast.

I do my usual jaunt around the residential area then head over and run along the water before heading back into town. All was going well till I hit Bumville. No worries, they're all laying down and I am coasting. Then I almost get hit by a car who didn't even stop at the stop sign. It was like a damn video game. I was a little jolted, so I turned off onto a cobblestone street where there were people, but no cars.

Then I totally bit it. I have no idea what the hell I tripped on, but I scratched my iPod, have to skinned knees and a huge bruise and slash on my palm. I'm so awesome. I'm sure people saw me, so I got up and just ran back. It hurt like hell, but after my adventure I just wanted to go home.