"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Grren to Think / Fake Chapter Records Party!

On Saturday, Steve and Gilligan hosted the party of the year...so far. It was so great to be in the company of people I haven't seen in a while, and of course those of who I talk to all the time. I love the GTT crowd, we always have such an awesome time together.

The guys have an awesome house, still being furnished and decorated, but awesome so far! Some furniture died on Gilligan's floor, so he had tape outlines. No, he just hasn't gotten all of his furniture yet, so he marked off where things were going with tape. The attic was turned into the makeout room, complete with a sign and five sleeping bags. I noticed that there wasn't a barrier between the ledge and stairs and said that that could be dangerous later on. Katie quickly said that I wasn't allowed up there. Oh yeah, so speaking of which, apparently I am known by the GTT crowd as "the drunk girl". How did this happen?! Granted we have had parties together...at the beach, new years, apartments...and of course shows...but has anything really crazy happen? I mean, I have drank more with the Marlon Spike crowd, and for a while we'd drink together a few times a week at shows, bars, parties, houses, apartments, in the car...and we have done some pretty crazy things...and I don't think they call me drunk girl...how did i get that moniker!?! Enlighten me!!

Anyways...I was empty handed for a while, then alleviated that with a Miller Lite. Steve is a great host and had plenty of food and drinks available. He also makes great party mixes, that included The Shins, Ryan Adams, and Phantom Planet. Katie baked a bunch of awesome foods and made sure there were plenty of vegetarian stuff on the table. Steve also had sushi for the first time - he had no idea what he was missing! While talking about my recent trip to VA, Morita informed me that I did not have a "real" forty and that a forty of beer is different than a "forty". Dareen and Dave joined in the convo, and Dareen and I were corrected by the guys that a true "forty" was malt liquor. Somehow the conversation turned from malt liquor to eggs. Egg salad gives Dareen the heebie jeebies and the rest of us agree that hard boiled eggs, or eggs in any form actually, are wonderful. Eggs are such a versatile food.

We moved into the kitchen where the conversation turned to football. I also spotted the raspberry vodka. Steve actually gave me my first taste of the sweet nectar of the raspberry vodka during one of the beach excursions, and it has kicked my ass ever since. Maryellen told me that I shouldn't drink it because I had beer first, but I claim that my two Miller Lites counted as water. Dave kept trying to trip me, and that was mean. Again, it was brought up that I kept spilling my drink at New Years 2004. Somehow it was always full and always spilling on the ground. Oh hell, I'm Italian and talk with my hands. The NYE convo also prompted the debate on whether I kissed a girl at the party. The girls of course said I didn't, but the guys claim that I did. Steve said that he heard that I did, he has no idea where he is, but he wants pictures. It didn't happen!

Maryellen's jacket blended into Steve's pink wall. Maryellen also can't handle her liquor. Literally, she spilled it. She wasn't drunk, just clumsy! Morita also had to stop drinking, which is the first time I think I have ever witnessed him say "I need to not drink for a bit." Our rides left us. Second and last vodka drink. Katie went in search for Steve's cowboy hate and Steve said that she is crazy like me. Haha - see, I told you that we were all in good company! Drummer Dan brought his puppy - poor thing was probably tramautized by all the excitement! Haha, Steve introduced me to Dan by saying, "this girl knows everything about music and also has thrown up in more states than anyone!" Great first impression!

As we called it, the guys shuffled into the music room and guitars were busted out. Steve tried to rap and Robb jammed on the triangle.

Around 2 am Morita drove Maryellen and I back to Hoboken. Apparently when Steve says to make a "left right left right and you'll be on the parkway", he clearly meant "right left right left then we'll see the parkway". We didn't even get an extra life when we hit A B A B select start! I get out of the car and said "thanks for the ride, talk to you tomorrow, gonna go throw up now". Maryellen said that she turned to Morita and said that I wasn't even drunk.

I run upstairs, change, and hop into bed...then quickly hopped out and ran to the bathroom. UGH! I was running back and forth for nearly an hour. I think it was either the stupid rhyme or the mayonnaise on the sandwiches (I can't deal with mayo - only on egg salad!). But yeah it really sucked and I haven't been like that since my going away party Raf had for me.

So I go to bed around 4 am, woke up at 10am, had some tea, watched TV, fell asleep again, woke up at 1:30 pm, cleaned, took a 45 minute run, went to the grocery store, did laundry, then went over to Maryellen's. See the entire day was not lost.

What a fabulous weekend. I dread Mondays.