"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, April 16, 2005

i love laughing till it hurts

Oh how I love laughing! We laughed so much last night my sides still hurt! Yay for laughter!

Well, first off - Friday was full throttle at work. I adore days like that, means that stuff is getting done and things are developing. But I was followed by a storm cloud for most of the day. I accidently woke up late, so I grabbed breakfast on the way to the city. Then my iPod froze, so I had to walk to the beat of my own footsteps instead of Phantom Planet, who I was playing when my iPod froze. For the past few days, I have encountered subway issues, so why should Friday be any different. At the 23rd street stop, the subway became out of commission for abou fifteen minutes. Needless to say, I panicked slightly because I hate feeling trapped, and I was late to work.

Get to work and before I could even drop my bag and jacket down, the phone was ringing off the hook, e-mails were piling in, and many things had to be simulatenously done. Before we knew it, it was noon and I was finally able to eat breakfast. That was just the start of the day and the following seven hours were no different. At least Danielle felt our pain and made a huge pot of very strong coffee.

After work, I met up with Judy and Angela and we haded into Brooklyn. We talked nonstop about the evenings plans, as well as all the way through July. Inadvertently we got on the wrong train and ended up where Pacific meets Atlantic. Finally in Brooklyn, we decided that a stop at Domino's was in order and that three pizzas would certainly fill five girls.

We busted out the pizzas and sodas and parked ourselves in front of the TV to start our sleepover. Of course we talked nonstop because there is just too much to say and too much randomness to bring up. Music naturally was a theme. We took a break and went up onto the roof to enjoy the view of the city. I took a few pictures so I could document both the east and west sides of NYC at night. After enjoying the scenic and quiet view, we went back downstairs to change into pjs and bust out the cookie ingredients. Judy likes to stab her cookies with a fork, whereas Anna likes to see them fluff. We decided to become experimental and add coconut and peanut butter to the batch as well. I think we frightened Bonnie with our silliness. While the first batch cooked, we all grabbed our planners and wrote all of our plans down so that we wouldn't forget since too much fun was too be had. While talking about July 4th, Anna matter of factly stated that their neighborhood woulnd't be too crazy because of the Mexicans. She totally said it innocently, but it was so damn funny. We're not racist and she tried to defend herself. We understood, it just sounded really funny. Plans were made to go to Boston for July 4th and then a BBQ in Brooklyn, cookies weren't shiny, and the ice cream was busted out. All the while good tunes were playing.

Around 3 am we called it a night. I slept so well and hopefully I didn't steal too many blankets from Angela. We were looking at travel pictures before heading to bed, which I think prompted my dream that I went hiking and mountain climbing in Alaska. Dave Pittenger was also in my dream, but not in Alaska. It was a very weird sequence of dreams. I was deeply in dream land when my cell phone went off and woke me up. Who was calling me on a Saturday morning!??!?! No one who knows me would think that I would be awake and functional on a Saturday morning. It was my boss calling from home. I didn't get to my cell in time to catch it, but after hearing the message, I spent my first barely awake hour doing work related stuff. Thank god for the internet and cell phones.

We at breakfast after noon, had many cups of coffee with brown sugar, and talked about the next ten days. Too much fun to be had this coming week: Akiva on Thursday, Gran Bel Fisher on Friday, Philly and IKE on Saturday, Matt Wertz on Sunday, and Carbon Leaf on Tuesday. And you wonder why coffee with brown sugar is needed!