"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I will post my entire thoughts about Identity later when my head isn't throbbing and I am not about to go to bed. But wow, Identity...

Seven years...seven years of Pat McGee Band and Identity. Before messageboards, there were listservs. And funny how I know people from Identity longer than I have known people in the flesh. Then again, not funny because its perfectly understandable because we are a cluster of like people: crazy roadtrips, love for music, we like to drink, we're geeks who seek out the perfect live recording and gem of a cover or rare tune.

Identity has been resurrected and it reminded me of high school and college, how when everything else was falling apart and I was finding myself, I always had Identity and I loved it. Heck, I met my closest guy friend in college through Identity. Identity sent me to new states and exposed me to new music. The most recent thread is about wedding songs and it dawned on me how much we have all grown together and probably haven't realized it. We've all had Identity hookups, we all have shared non music stories with each other, we've all cordinated road trips together...it was a transcendental listserv. And though we have brought most of our conversations to AIM and at shows and we all know what most of each other are doing with our lives now, it's so weird to have been in contact with such a mix of people from high school to college to real life. I think it hit me when I noticed that most of the e-mail addresses were from internet providers and work, and not a college e-mail addy.

And you know we all still share that common secret bond because even though we aren't in college anymore and we have real e-mail address...we still travel over 200 miles on a work night for two hours worth of music and a lifetime of memories.

"Be yourself, people will see, that life has been good..."