"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday’s take on Friday

I am going to preface this entry with the statement, “but I was too busy to eat!” In which Morita and Nate say that I always say that. It’s true though!

I had to be at work early since a few of our artists were in town, which meant soy milk, a banana, and peanut butter blended together and brought with me since I am a sloth in the morning and had to rush to get out the door. From the moment I sat down until I stayed late, I was extremely busy. The only downtime I had was talking with the girls about our artists who came in, but even that was down while typing up a million things. Most of the day was spent writing out lyrics to an upcoming album and tracking a keyboard. Ohhh new paragraph!

Chris and Dan get major props from me! Needless to say, these two guys are in my favorite people category and always pull through for me when I need it. We have an awesome friendship and despite our miles or blocks apart, we still manage to keep tabs on each other, even though our crazy weekends are sadly missed and too far apart. One of our artists was flying in and needed a keyboard and sustain pedal for his show. Instead of renting it out, I figured I could get Chris some extra spending (drinking) money and also have him earn brownie points with my company. The issue of getting the keyboard to the venue came up, and Dan saved the day. Nothing like teamwork – thanks guys!

Ok, back to the story. Dan and I also have a great plan ahead for the future of rock...so in the midst of my head spinning we were planning that via text messaging. Oh, I also have to apologize for the all the “brb’s” on AIM that I didn’t come right back to and all the one liner e-mail since I was too frantically busy to even formulate complete thoughts. Since I barely had time to get all my work done, I also barely had time to eat lunch, which consisted of half a bowl of rice and vegetables (trust me, this comes up later...both literally and figuratively).

At 7:30, the girls finish up and we head downstairs to grab a cab to no avail, so we hoofed it to the subway then practically ran to the Merc. We call ourselves Hoffman’s Angels due to a comment made while we were moving our office, so we proceeded to walk down Houston with our finger guns and slyly moving about. Poor Laura had on shoes not conducive to fast travels, but she kept up. We get to the Merc, said our hellos, found our artist, and grabbed a damn beer. Chris and Dan made up a keyboard rental receipt on a napkin. Fabulous. I was authorized to sign for it and busted out my signature, which surprised Chris since I wrote completely on the line. I can fool anyone into thinking I went to Catholic grammar school! We gave the receipt to Randy and he laughed, which indicates how the rest of the evening was going to go.

Gran Bel Fisher took the stage and we filtered into the room. Most of the audience was our work crowd plus our friends. I’m so happy of the crowd who came out, you guys are incredibly awesome and I hope you had a great time J (yay to Maryellen, Morita, Steve, Katie, Judy, Angela, Anna, Mary, Nick, Chris, and Dan!). We were all kinda hanging out in the back, then Chris enticed us to step forward. It was hilarious, it was me and my friends who stepped it up, which was like half the crowd. Great. But the show was awesome and everyone seemed to have dug him. Fantastic. Time to celebrate with another beer and chat it up with my friends despite the music playing. After he finished we went back into the bar area. Rich introduced me to some people and I introduced some of my friends to work people. We then decided we would pop over to the Essex to have some quick business social time. I had Dan come with me and we had a long line of our group from Mercury Lounge to the Essex. I think all of us lines up equaled a city block. I wasn’t drunk (count them: two PBRs) but was extremely giddy and happy and kept laughing and losing my flip flops. I was euphoric and Danielle had to be my keeper on the sidewalks.

We get to Essex and have a drink. We all socialize and I had all intention to go back to the Merc after I had popped over to the Essex for some face time. Laura, Danielle, Dan, and I involved ourselves in conversation and I introduced Dan to Randy. All part of the elaborate rock plan...which totally exceeded my expectations. Ok, I just spent the past half hour laughing with the girls in the office about Friday night. Rich also just heard us laughing and brought us all into his office so we could tell him what he missed. But yeah, Dan scored major points because he is an awesome bassist and he is from Philly. Plus he’s hot and will sell records. That is all I can say about that, but the path is looking good.

Danielle also said that I was a happy drunk and loved everyone and started talking to everyone and anyone whether or not they were in our party. I wasn’t plastered, I was just extremely excited and giddy because it was such an awesome evening. I strayed away from the girls and threw myself into the fire. The girls had said that they were trying to stay away from the others, just in case. Danielle said that she was like, “nooooo....I don’t want her to get fired, I want to see her on Monday.” Just in case I ran my mouth or said something dumb. So there I, like jumping off the plank and submerge myself into the crowd. I talked to our artist and made fun of him for drinking a pink drink with a cherry, hopefully he realized I was kidding! We told stories about our pets and I learned GBF’s story in five minutes or less. I then proceeded...to...ask...my bosses...how...much...they...like...me. Thankfully the answer was very affirmative! The conversation just progressed from there. It was like I threw myself to the wolverines and there was no saving me. By this time, Chris and Nick came over to the Essex since we didn’t make it back to the Merc yet. I was talking to Chris and divulged Dan and my secret. Whoops! It was ok, Chris had the reaction that Dan thought and hoped he’d have. It was great to have my work people hang out with my good guy friends from home. It was a fun mix of people.

A huge bar tab later (I swear I only had three drinks, Danielle said I just lost count after three...) I went to the bathroom to regain myself and splash water on my face. Now, I remember most of my conversations from that night, there was just too much to absorb, so I didn’t write them all. Once in the bathroom I felt extremely dizzy and lightheaded. Which I will blame on the lack of food in my system, not the booze. So I come out of the bathroom and decide to get some air since I still felt lightheaded. I go out and trip on my flip flop and the doorman said that I wasn’t allowed back in the bar! What the hell!? So I park my ass on the curb as the doorman tried to talk to me, asking where I am from and what I do. Screw him. I told him my bag and jacket and friends were inside (by this time most of the work crowd, aside from the girls had left, thank god), but he wouldn’t let me back in and called another door guy out there. WHAT THE HELL!?!?! So then my friends came out and we called it a night.

We started walking and I was so light headed and giddy still and Chris literally had to hold me up. Everything was going to be ok if he just had his arms around me so I didn’t collapse. Dan pointed out Teany, which I think I proclaimed something not important but loud. We finally made it back to Dan’s new car, where I got shot gun and Dan and Lauren squeezed into the lone back seat. As soon as the car started moving, the window went down. I hung out the window throwing up from the Lower East Side all the way to New Jersey. I think I even threw up along the state border. It was awful, especially since I hadn’t eaten, I just felt that much worse. I think it’s Dan who is the bad luck since apparently I only do this whole throwing up from moving cars thing in his presence.

Got home and I left a trail of my crap from the door to my bed. I woke up in my pajamas inside out and backwards. I lost my cell phone somehow in the excitement of last night and spent the morning trying to track it down. Talked to Chris and Dan when I woke up and they had it in their possession. Apparently they didn’t fare too much better than I did, Dan slept for about 12 hours and Chris slept in an eight foot section at the base of his bed in the same clothes he went out in.

Dan picked me up at the Dunkin Donuts after we were both situated and off to Morita’s we went...talking about our elaborate plan the entire way. And a new blog is needed for Saturday.