"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, April 28, 2005

rocking work, sprinting across manhattan, and phone calls

The past few days have been jam packed at work – always something to do. And needless to say, since I have also barely been getting any sleep since there is so much going on, I practically have an IV drip of coffee running in my veins. Here I am, on Thursday morning, and I am already on my second cup. I think Laura and I easily polish off a pot before noon every day.

Last night was one of those rare nights where I didn’t have anything to do after work, and since there is always work to be done at work, I stayed at the office late with Rich and Randy. Plus it was also storming, which impelled me to stay indoors. So we ordered Chinese food and answered the phones with “24 Hour Management!” There was also “24 Hour Label” and “24 Hour Booking Agency” last night, since we were all around after hours on the phone getting things done in the office as opposed to cell phone and email out of the office. I would just be doing the same thing just at home, so all is well with staying. Around quarter til 10 pm, I had to FedEx a package so it got to one of our artists by tomorrow morning. Oh hell, the last FedEx pickup around here was at 9:30. Conveniently I had my running shoes in the office, so I tossed my flops, put on my Asics and took off down the streets of Manhattan. It’s ok though since everyone looks weird in the city. People and traffic lights are not conducive to getting anywhere fast. I made it to the west side of the city just short of 10pm and gave it to the truck driver. Whew!

I was all set to shower then go right to bed since I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in days. But no, instead I finally cleaned my room, and put away laundry, then parked myself on the papasan to do more work and research and promotion, this time for certain mirandabands instead of our daytime artists. I relocated myself and my laptop onto bed to start blogging when my phone vibrated across the floor. Mr. Bruno checking in from Kansas, only a few people are worthy enough for me to pick up my phone, let alone me pick up the phone as sleep called.

It’s been a while since we talked since he has been traveling to desolate picturesque places and I have only been free when I go to bed lately. The rest of the band seemed to having been having a grand time in the hotel room with lots of beer. I could hear the chaos six states away. He escaped to the van and conversated (not a word, but a QSJ buzz word that should be used as much as possible) about sex, utter quietness, fuglies, and menu venues. I can’t remember how it came up, but we talked about how we understood each other’s lifestyles. And maybe it was because it was on my mind since too frequently recently I haven’t had time for random acts of fun. I mean, I do, but it’s always scheduled in. Like Monday for example, I had four free hours, so the girls did fondue in Morningside Heights. Again, this is nothing new, but now I am being criticized for it. That is why this blog is here, to tell you all of the things that I would normally tell you in person, this is just more convenient for the both of us J. But I’m portable! Heck, pretty much just tell me when and where and I can be there...but yay for AIM, e-mail, texts, and phone calls to get us all through. It’s not our fault that we lead such busy and exciting lives haha.

I was then schooled on the ranking of venues in order of importance and desire. Menu venues are at the bottom of the list. Surprisingly I have never heard of that term before and now I think it may be my favorite phrase of the moment. An hour and a half after I answered the phone, we hung up and my orange and purple bed yearned for me to use it. Many weird dreams later, I hit my snooze button no less than three times. Uh, morning.

Now here I am on my third cup of coffee, though not as good as the first. Seven more hours then I will be at The Goldhawk for Matt’s short, opening set, then over a few blocks to the left to help Chris pack and load up his car since he has to be out of his place this weekend. An exciting Thursday. But as Lindsey would say, “no more days till we wake up and it’s not Friday!”

I think Friday I will be staying in and getting in a long run since I have only been able to get short ones in, and catching up on sleep. Though Ken did just email me to tell me that he will be going to a jazz club Friday night. That would be cool. Then Saturday, I am taking the train down to Morita’s then we’re heading down to Baltimore for the evening, with a stop in Newark in between. Yay for cheap public transportation, though with many stops. I think I’ll be taking the PATH to Newark, then NJ Transit from Newark to Trenton, then a light rail from Trenton to Pennsauken. It’s less than $10, so who cares. At least maybe then I can catch up on calls, finish my book (“Hitmen”, actually it’s Laura’s book), and rock the iPod. No complaints here. My mom and I are going into NYC on Sunday and galavant around. Maybe we’ll dent that list of “Cheap Good Clean Fun” that the girls and I compiled on Monday night.