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Monday, May 02, 2005

gasp! what's the big deal?

from popdirt.com:

"Avril Lavigne continued to rapidly spin out of control while being videotaped with three girlfriends leaving a club in Los Angeles the other night. The singer was being held up by her pals, littered, began smoking, stuck her tongue out and spit at a the videographer, and was finally driven away. Watch the clip, with plenty of expletives throughout, from Lulop. "

Seriously, that isn't much different from most of my weekends, but mine don't end up being talked about. Well, I don't smoke though. Though Steve did say this to me today: "At least you got to add another location to your global puke tracking system. You should start the motto...'If Ihaven't thrown up there, it's not worth seeing.'"