"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, May 01, 2005

saturday night and my drive home

Like my laptop, I am portable, and in the past twelve hours, I have been in New York, NY; Hoboken, NJ; Pennsauken, NJ; Philly, PA; Newark, DE; and Baltimore, MD. The show last night was great. Honestly’s disc is awesome, but their live show is ten times better. I did forget my studded belt at home and for the first time in a while, I felt old at a show. I did not get Nine til’ Midnight, but they rocked all the same. I almost had a heart attack when I noticed that Honestly ganked the LDE shirt design that the girls and I made the other day. We were throwing around ideas for cool shirt designs and one was worthy enough for Anna to actually draw out and detail. We even had the colors and everything. As I was scanning the crowd I noticed an almost exact replica of the shirt we had designed. I immediately had to text Ang in Boston, who was at the Todd Martin show. How cool – we’re all on the east coast supporting our bands. Epler and I went to the back fro Eleven 54 and Morita disappeared to the green room to score guestlist spots for us for next week’s show with Third Eye Blind. I hope he wasn’t a slut and kept his pants on. He did come back victorious though. We’ll go with the old adage, “what happens backstage, stays backstage.” We left Fletcher’s and strolled around Fell’s Point in search of food. The only place that served food and not booze was a pizza place, upon entering I realized I had spent my 23rd birthday there. Haha, what a fun day. I had the not so good idea of putting hot sauce on my broccoli and mushroom pizza. We called it a night around 1 and headed home. We almost died. Honestly. Morita tried to scooch between the concrete barriers and a swerving car. I lost feeling in my toes and tried to grab anything in site – which was the “oh shit bar” and the seatbelt because I figured that grasping onto anything would save my life. Morita said that I was allowed to blog our near death experience. We’ll just forget about the bald tires. 2 AM is an excellent time to harmonize to Omnisoul. We also spun Ingram Hill, the Honestly songs we didn’t hear, The Perishers, The Veils, and whenever you hear Tool on the radio, it must be turned off immediately. Sleep at 3:30 AM, woke up at 9:20 AM – I love the weekend.