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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Big Apple

Retrogressing to October 10

So Jen and I decided to head up to NYC for the evening to see some old friends and, of course, to support Steve at his solo debut at CBGB's.
Where to even begin......... how about the insane amount of traffic on I-95 and taking 45 minutes to even get out of the state of Delaware?!
En route, Jen and I finally caught up on all of our stories and saw 22 Swift trucks on the way. Always a good sign, or was it...?
Traffic was bad and took yet another hour and a half to get throught the Lincoln Tunnel. If Jen's white knuckles grasping the handles were any indication of my aggressive driving, then I would say I was victorious. Steve was supposed to hit the stage at 7 and we were under the tunnel at 6:45. Hellloooo NYC. I thought it was pretty funny that there is a sea of yellow NY taxis and my little black Cabrio zipping through them. We're heading down Bleeker and Steve's show would probably be near over so I give him a call expecting to get v-mail to tell him we'd meet him later. Incidently, theclub was having an inspection and Steve's show was pushed later. The whole crew was out at CBGB's and Steve (and occassionaly Dave) played a really good set. Despite the radio coming in through the monitors, but we'll just ignore that. After the show, we loaded up Steve's SUV then headed out for pizza. Steve passed my test of city driving. He is nearly as aggressive as I am, though he is more verbal ;-). After dinner, we went to a bar...forget the name...and met up with everyone again. It was Gilligan's girlfriend's (Lillian) birthday. Mike Clarke (longtime DE friend) met up with Jen and I at that bar with his friends, then we headed out to find a cab and some bars in the Village. I think we scared the taxi man. Loud, drunk, and obnoxious. But hey, at least I didn't have to do what I did before when I hung out with Mike to get a taxi haha. We end up at a bar called Peculiars when Aurora called and Mike claimed that he will be her sugar daddy. That's all I remember from that ten minute phone call. After a few drinks there, we decided to head to Steve's place. Though we had no idea where the hell we were, a few blocks later we found my car. Lucky.
So Steve tells me to call him after I get out of the Lincoln Tunnel. Would have been great if I could even find the Lincoln Tunnel. So I take the Holland instead. So Steve is navigating via phone and I don't know how I kept missing all the streets he told me to go down. Oh well, twenty minutes later we were there haha.
So we crash and wake up to go to the chinese restaraunt for lunch. Nothing like starting the day with Chinese food. Always welcomed. We marvelled at the tree cutter demolishing branches and leaves outside the window. That machine is so badass.
We said our goodbyes and then back to DE. :-(
Jen, remind me if I left naything out or if you can remember any of the inane things we said. I know I know, I waited to long. I suck.