"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

GCB, times 3

The Sunday that I got back from Dewey, Aurora and I drove up to Philly to see Graham Colton perform at The Fire. The last time we saw the band play was when we went to NC where they played the Cat's Cradle with Jonasay. Basically, way too long ago. GCB played a lot of new songs. The sound was off though, full fledged band playing acoustically. It was The Fire, not them. But a great setlist and happiness haha. We took pictures during and after, I'll post those as soon as I get them in...
I haven't seen or talked to Ryan in months (check him out, www.ryancohen.com) and he and Leah were at the show to see Tom McRae. A pleasant surprise. Odd where time takes you.
After the show, we met up with Chris (who I met at Dewey, a high school friend of Steve's) and debated on what to do next. The show finished early, and here we are ready to take on the city at 11 pm. Does anyone else find it odd that PA liquor stores do not carry beer? WHY WHY WHY? Not that this is an issue, but it is still pondersome.
So we go to Chris's house (on the way... "yo, we're in Jersey...."). After an hour and drinking and music talk, we head back to DE.
I swear after this whole weekind, I am surprised my liver hasn't keeled over and died.