"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Logan Hizzouse

Ahhh...good old Logan House. Not that Logan House is great or anything, but a lot of fun when you go with a group and you consume some premium malt beverages.
Jonasay was headlining which means the girls all came out. (writers note....ok, it seems like I don't listen to any other bands, but let me just state for the record that I do. I am currently enjoying the new Some Girls, Rufus Wainwright, Vertical Horizon, Ike, and Fountains of Wayne albums. I do like other bands, I see other bands, but the past month has been a little dry due to my SARS)
Ok, anyways...
Logan House...and premium malt beverages. Make for a fun time. Lots of singing and lots of dancing. We tried to corrupt Brittany by dancing all arund her, but the girl remained strong.
Oh yeah, and if you're a guy, at a bar...don't be creepy. (See previous blogs) Do not try to dance with me. Do not try to talk to me unless I approach you. You may be a nice guy and all, but if I want to communicate with you, I will. Do not force me to lie and say I am a lesbian because you are being a creep. Ew, and most of all, don't touch me.
But Jonasay played well, a little off, but still good nonetheless. It was actually more crowded there last night than I have seen it in a while. Good for them for staying strong and not playing mostly covers. Unless I missed something, the only cover was Helter Skelter in the end.
Mark and Justin stayed over in my "cozy little room" for more like a nap than actual sleep before they had to hit the road to Baltimore at 8am. Lucky me got to leave at 10 am. Good times :-)