"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

DC twice

Oh my god, don't be creepy.

I love the Iota and most of you probably know that if an artist goes to the Iota, I would gladly drive there than Philly. So I get out of my deathbed and Karen and I trek to Arlington, VA. Poor girl had to deal with me coughing and my lack of voice nearly the whole trip. But we saw a Swift truck so all was well.

We meet up with Mark and go inside to the wonderfulness that is Iota. Ok, so by doing their DVD, I watched the people who were at that 9:30 club show incessantly since I worked on it for two months. Since I don't know half of their names, we came up with nicknames to point out who people were while editing. There was this one girl who kept apearing in Karen's "fan cam" and she was always dancing. Not even to the beat, more like sawying and moving. So we dubbed her "dancing girl". Mind you, I have never spoken to dancing girl, the first time I even saw dancing girl was through the lens. Dancing girl was at the Iota and felt the need to, point, yes, point, and stare and talk about me to her friend. Now, it could have been all good things, such as "Wow, thats the girl who did the video stuff". But since it went on all night, I doubt it. So I don't know what dancing girls deal is.

Dancing girl kept it all to herself and her friends, where as two creepy guys did not. Age is always the first thing that comes up, probably since Karen and I both look like we're 17. Her and I both don't have a problem with age in guys, so this conversation really goes no where. This where the guys then lie about their ages, then after a 5 minute game, it is revealed. And still makes no difference, they are just being weird. But at leats with younger guys, they aren't trying to be all touchy and whatnot. So yeah, if you're a guy at a bar trying to pick up girls, don't be creepy. And more than likely, if you are at a bar and trying to pick up girls, we don't want to be picked up at a bar anyways.

Oh yeah and then another group of guys. And poor Karen is just so nice to everyone and I can be pretty icy, so they get half the hint and end up being confused.

And so we were getting ready to leave and then the guys come up to us and offer to take us back to their place cuz they know we want it. Ok NO. Four up, four down.

The we hit up DC again the next weekend. DC is always a good time.