"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, August 14, 2003

another reason why i don't like people

Ok, so I DJed a folk show this morning. The regular DJ is on vacation so I have been subbing the show in which I have received nothing but priase for my fine slection and knowledge of folk rock. Little do the listeners know that my knowledge is very broad haha. SO I found a cool folk cd form the Philadelphia FOlk Festival as well as a bunch of new folk cds that came in. I make the listeners aware countless times that the regular DJ was out, and I am in, and what we were going to listen to. Personnally I think that listening to the Philly live performances was way cool as well as hearing what just came out.
I had countless callers call me up and tell me how awful I was. WHO DOES THAT!???!?! Ok, number one, the listeners of this show are mostly older, definitely not young punks who I would expect this from. And number two, who proactively goes out of their way to tell someone how much they don't like them. And three, I even said I wasn't the regular DJ so they should expect something other than the ordinary. Asses. Granted, I did not enjoy some of the music I played, but hell, it fit the genre and I was just doing what I was told. I was told by the regular DJ to pick new things from the shelves and play them. ARGH!!! I did receive more compliments then complaints, but still, you remember the criticism. Every caller who was negative towards me I asked if they had a request. All declined. Hey, I offered the invite to them to pick what I would play and they refused. Fuck them.