"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, August 11, 2003

Ahh...the Lloyd Dobler Effect boys... where to begin, oh where to begin.
I admit that most of the events that occured will be omitted to protect the not so innocent. So unless you were there...tough.

So Aurora, Tessa, and I hop in the car and drive to Kahunaville to catch the LDE show in our very own state. Phil and I ply phone tag for 20 minutes as we try to find him so we can do the backdoor thing. Unfortunately the back door was barricaded by a fence. Over we go! The jump was interesting and luckily no one got impaled.

So we see our favorite boys in the green room and crack open the beers. Yay for 90 beers for 8 of us. So we catch up and Aurora and I play pool against Donnie and Javi and loose horribly. Ok, I lose horribly. We decide that shotgunning a beer seems like a good idea. Silly Phil and I get it all over ourselves because we forgot to drink out of the hole. Oh geez.

So we all hang out on the couch of love then escort the guys to the stage. There were people in mulltes dancing. And of course, Aurora and I together is a garaunteed good time, so we then decide to make fun of the dancers and we start shaking our groove thangs.

The crowd is dead and we hate them. Yeah and I also am not fond of a certain bald headed guy who found it necessary to talk shit about me every chance he got. Dude, you don't even know me. As if he reads this, but still. Grow the fuck up and enjoy yourself.

The band gave Aurora and I shit for not travelling to see them as we do for other artists. We never really thought of it, but we don't. And we should because we have the most fun with them and they treat us the best. So I promise, we will make it to a faraway state for you. Yes Phil, we'd go to Alaska. So we have these inside jokes with the band and everytime we see them, they must hint at our jokes with them on stage, and of course only two people laugh, Aurora and I, but it rocks. Again, I have to censor myself here because I am not sure who reads this and who may get offended, but yeah...good times.

So yeah, other things happen. I was just having fun, I swear...you all know I really am not like that....hey, all in good clean fun ;-) Hey you know, we all try to have a good time..... it even made the band's road journal...yeah....
"August 8th, 2003: Kahunaville, Wilmington, DE.

Hmmmmmm...If your name starts with an "M" (you know who you are) and you are reading this (you KNOW who you are), you have to know that I am seriously considering writing about how you were the REAL star of the show at Kahunaville tonight...BUT I don't know...you are such a wonderful person so maybe I'll just let things slide on this one (heh heh)."

Then Rusty locks his keys in the car. What's with rockstars locking their keys in the car. So Aurora and I have to share the story how Mark locked our keys in the car at 2 am in Maine. Ok, it wasn't totally Mark's fault, we're all to blame. It made for an interesting hour in the convenience store where we were gonna have sex in the bathroom.

So we leave after shairng stories in the parking lot with the guys and head to Dunkin Donuts. Not sure how we really made it home, we flew, and Aurora and I have that to a science. So into DD where we realize we are going to hell because we made fun of a lot of diseases tonight. So we assumed that hell would be fun because we'd be together. no, we'll probably be seperated to opposite ends of hell, and then it really would be awful.

oh and we saw a swift truck. SWIIIIIFTTTT HOLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!