"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

adventures in apartment living

So I moved into my new place and living by myself has been...interesting. At least in 5208 I had my girls to keep me in check and make sure I didn't burn the house down. So far I have had a flood and I punched my window out.
My shower faucet decides it doesn't want to turn off and I had no idea how to fish it. Banging it with a hammer just made it worse. I don't think I even need to write anymore, you get the picture....But I found the mains so I just use them now :-) Yay for being crafty.
My washer is in my bathroom and my dryer is in the kitchen, but hey, at least I have them. So the first time I decide to do laundry here ended up with blood. Who knew being so domesticated could end up so violent? You know that tube that comes out from the back of the dryer? Well I had to put that tube outside of the window. What does that tube actually do?! I couldn't get my window open (these windows are probably as old as the building which is about 150 years old I think...) so I bang on the sides to loosen the window. I guess I bang a bit too hard and my hand goes right through the window. Oh well, the tube fit nicely through my fist hole.