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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

GCB, times 2

Ha! So I had every intention about the Graham Coltoness enjoyed three times in one week in my previous blog, but I got distracted.

Graham Colton Band and Ike played at the Stone Balloon for mug night on Oct. 2. I always enjoy shows that I can walk to. Key players are myself, Karen, Jen, and Laurie. Talked with Jim Johnson and John Faye before the show then found a decent spot in front of the sound board. It's always comforting to see original bands playing at the Balloon, lets one know that there is still hope and faith in rock n' roll in this town.
It was hard to tell how the crowd would react to an original band taking the stage. There were a ton of people there, who would probably be there regardless on who was on stage due to the essence of mug night. But for the most part, they were into it and respectable. Again, a great show. I lost my friends, but John found me and we checked out the show and made fun of the drunken asshole yelling next to us. I guess others were fed up as well and its the first time I ever saw fans heckling each other at a rock show haha.
Good times.

GCB again... that Saturday, Aurora and I hit up 95 South to see GCB and Jonasay play at the State Theatre. Last time we did this, the trip was 8 hours, 2 hours was much more comforting. We felt bad the entire trip though. Phil, from LDE, always gets on our case for travelling to see bands (such as Graham Colton Band and Jonasay.....) instead of them. LDE isn't very fond of our choices, and we should go and see them more, they treat us the best out of most of the bands we see. Not "treat" us the best, but times spent with them are always enjoyable and entertaining. Though we don't go more than what is accessible to us to support them. So here we are going 100 miles away to see the two very bands that they aren't fond of us seeing, and they are playing 10 miles away. Phil still hasn't returned our phone calls. We'll see on the 17th ;-) We're sorry!!!
So yeah, we get to the venue and catch most of Jonasay's set, except for Wish, we walk out on that one. Nothing personal. Oh oh oh EW! I almost forgot. Apparently some of the Jonasay regulars don't enjoy us, or maybe its me since Aurora hasn't been able to make as many Jonasay shows. What's your deal? If you're going to spend the whole set looking back or over at me then talking about me to someone (yeah yeah yeah whatever, it happens at nearly every show, or else i am being totally paranoid, which i doubt) at least come over and say hi. I don't bite. Or maybe I will. Chomp.
GCB played great as usual. Best GCB show we have seen, surprisingly not many people there. Such an underrated band. I'm sure they'll be another John mayer, where we try to expose everyone we know to this wonderful bamd, and they will ignore us until they actually hear them on the radio. Yeah, because thats a justiable measure on an artist's worth. Fuck you Clear Channel.