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Monday, January 12, 2004

"across town i can hear your music play"

Yeehaw!! Two of my bands playing together at one of the best places in DE - the Logan House. The LH is always fun whatever the occasion may be. We all love Ike and have embraced them within the past year. I've been a fan of John's and whatever projects he has been involved in for years, so the development is always exciting. :-)

Jen, Brittany, Tanya, and I all rode up together to the Logan House, freezing the entire way. I had a tasty spiked beverage in the car, but I was hyper due to ecstaticness, not the Baileys. A Swift truck followed us some of the way. Good vibes. We get there a little into Marlon Spike’s set, but in plenty of time to get our groove on. Damn it was packed at the LH for still being so early. We were all there, Pretty much like the Sugar Plum Fest, just this time at the Logan House. The Justin Timberlake doll bobbled while Marlon Spike rocked. Tanya and I both agree that their East End show was the best, but this comes in second place. Todd’s energy blew him off the stage...ok,maybe not, but he got off stage with his sax and wandered around. As Chris was announcing his love song and dedicating it to John (Faye of Ike), John saw me and hugged me and said hello during his honoring. Funny. Played a great set and followed it up with a 30 second bluegrass tribute to Ike. Na na na na naa naaaa…

Damn I don't know who reads this, but I know that Brit and Jen do.....so telepathically fill in the blank here with all the stuff that was stupidly said or done. Hints: movies and joeyness and crazy dedications.

Ike came on and exploded with our anthem - “Welcome Home”. "We'll take all the good things like music, eating, and laughing and pass them down". SIGH! We rocked up front and danced all night long. Brittany got inebriated and that was fun, Jen, Tanya, and I stayed sober. The Logan House was full and the energy was awesome. They played everything from old to album to new.

Chris was in high spirits and took a break from working the room to hang with us. John saw him standing with us and told Chris that he just played his love song (Dandelion) and that it was dedicated to Chris. So they threw the love back and forth and Chris told John that they just shared a moment. The look on John’s face was great. John then announced that that was the greatest unplanned segway in rock and roll because the next song was called “Just a Moment”. Greatness!!

Towards the end of the first set, this guy tried to get on stage and jam out to Ike. John told him to wait, so the guy had his bag and harmonica and played by the window. He took Tanya’s space—damn him! Ran into Michelle and Jason during the break, as well as someone I went to high school, and Beth - Eric’s (Aurora’s brother) girlfriend. It was like a reunion. So yeah, after the break, the LH had the random guy - later introduced as Bongo, on a mic on the side as he shook and rattled and banged away. It was interesting. I think he also made an appearance at the LDE show. I swear, I have not seen a frontman jump around as much as John does. Hopefully I got a decent action shot of it. This was the band’s last performance until the spring. They have side projects and John is having another baby this month, so a little time off is needed. Took some pictures after, check their site soon because the DE girls will be representing on it.

So cold in the car. We’re getting onto 95 and an ambulance passes in front of us. We’re so frozen that all Jen can mutter is: “hehehe...ambulance...hehehe…incident…” and I nearly busted a gut. A little background on why that comment was so damn funny - we all frequent the nearby wawa way too much and I find pleasure in checking out the sign posted on how many days that wawa has been “incident free”. After Omnisoul and Ike played at the East End we had some time to kill before heading to Derek’s after party, so Aurora, Jen, and I went to Wawa where we saw an ambulance and my drunk ass freaked out wondering if it was there for an incident. So yeah, ambulances equals incidents. And FYI we went to Wawa that night and the Newark Wawa has been incident free for 16 days.

Pictures from the show are posted here under MS Jan 9 and Ike Jan 9

tough crap if you complain that this is a bite off of my road journal - deal with it :-)