"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, July 04, 2004

3 more days

"I'll never be a slut. I can tell you that much. I can tell you that will never happen." - juliana hatfield

Wednesday is the Juliana Hatfield show at the Northstar Bar. Woo woo - I am way excited. She's the first artist that I liked and really got into. "Become What You Are" is a perfect power indie pop rock CD and one of the first CDs I bought. I may have even bought the tape.

What is even more exciting is that she has two fiiiiine openers - The Damnwells and The Jane Anchor. Ryan sent me over to the Damnwells way a while ago and I really dug their stuff then and think that the recently released album is great. I would have been content with that bill until I found out that The Jane Anchor was also added on. John, Dave, and Joann from IKE are also in the Jane Anchor. John absolutely loves Juliana Hatfield as well. I'm not sure how we discovered our mutual adolation, but every time she has played nearby, he has had a gig. Now he gets to share the same stage with her. I remember during the second half of shooting the music video we listened to Juliana's new CD all morning. Good times.

John and I were talking the other day aboout how we hope we don't act all goofy and doubfounded in her presence. This is going to be fantastic. :-) Oh yeah, and I am guestlisted. Rock on. Guestlisted for a Juliana Hatfield show. I think I can die content now.