"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

hot chess boy

So let me tell you a little story.

There is this kid who plays chess outside of the coffeeshop I go to everyday and he is hot. Days later, he comes into the store, and is still hot. He fills out an apartment application so of course I grab it and educate myself. Geez, the boy is *barely* legal. Legal meaning 18, not even drinking legal. Oh well. So after this almost cradle robbing experience he is still out but I am so over this silent lust.

Then the word on the street is that he is moving in next door to me. Oh hot. I can see his porch from my porch. Nice. So now my friends know this silly little game because its fun. Then they discover that he is gay. Not just gay, but flaming, and they are all having a laugh at my expense. Obviously nothing would have come of all this, but its pretty damn funny.

Suzanna says that he likes to parade around in his underwear though. Hey, that is gonna be hot.