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Thursday, July 29, 2004

juliana on the pages

Joe informed me of my Miss Juliana Hatfield article in this months Maxim.  The premise is for rockstars to make a mix CD.

Enjoy.  By the way, I freaking love Unbusted and Verbena. 

Burn This: Juliana Hatfield The indie rock queen fights to bring back the guitar solo. Maxim, July 2004
1. “Sunset Strip” Courtney Love“I feel her pain. This song is so raw her voice sounds like a knife stabbing into flesh.”
2. “H.W.C.” Liz Phair“This is a really graphic song about sex. It’s all about, basically, semen, but she makes it sound like a sweet and tender thing.”
3. “Coral Fang” The Distillers“I like girls who sound like guys, and Brody Dalle sounds like a dude. Rock needs balls.”
4. “Dope Nose” Weezer“Rivers Cuomo isn’t afraid to play an over-the-top old-school guitar solo. He appropriates the good elements of ’80s metal without the cheesiness.”
5. “Inside of Love” Nada Surf“Great line: ‘Making out with people I hardly know or like.’ Who can’t relate to that?”
6. “Us & Them” Unbusted“They’re this unsigned band from Martha’s Vineyard. The writing is really good and the frontman, Joe Keefe, is a guitar hero.”
7. “Edge of the Ocean” Ivy“This is a really soothing song. It kind of feels like melted butter or a warm bath.”
8. “Shake Yer Dix” Peaches“It’s like a dirty nursery rhyme for adults, or a raunchier version of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake.’ Man, I must sound like a pervert.”
9. “Hound Dog” The Rolling StonesThis is from a 1978 bootleg, and it’s the punk-rockingest version of ‘Hound Dog’ ever.”
10. “Vertigo” The Libertines“Just a cool, sloppy, loosey-goosey, cocky, late-night, don’t-give-a-fuck song.”
11. “Ana’s Song” Silverchair“It’s so hard to find anorexia songs that rock.”
12. “Dirty Goodbyes” Verbena“I don’t know why these guys aren’t massive. This is mellow, not like their other songs.”