"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Monday, September 06, 2004

Visiting Tanya in Philly!

Sunday was spent at the record store from open to close with Rob and Maryann. Good times as always as we filled Maryann in on all of the Rainbow drama and comedy that has occured in the past few months. She also had Taco Bell for the first time with us on Sunday. I can't imagine my life without the fine delicacy of t-bell.

After work I met up with my mom for dinner and to tap the mac of mom. This is getting ridiculous, I work my ass off and still manage to still be semi in debt at the beginning of every month. I keep reminding myself that though life payments are expensive, at least I am fortunate enough to not have any school debt.

Onwards to happier things. After dinner, I stopped by the TV studio then headed of the NJ to pick up Dan en route to Tanya's. Tanya recently relocated to Philly for a year of service through DeSales. She has a job working with underprivileged children and in return gets a stipend and room and board in a sweet house. Glad it isn't Guatemala!! Hopefully it will be what she expects and more and learns a lot from the experience. And she is only a highway away now, not a country!

Tanya's house was hosting a BBQ, so we arrived a bit late, but still in time to enjoy food, drinks, music, and the company of others. We ended up playing Asshole for most of the night as I learned that Dan doesn't like to lose and Tanya gets giddy from gin. Cherry brandy also tastes like cough syrup and I'll add in the Russian guy anytime.