"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tanya's Birthday

October was meant for birthdays. The month long celebration started on Friday with Tanya turning the big 2-4. Eeek. We all turn 24 this month. January 1980 must have been an excellent month.

I had an insane amount of callers on my show Friday afternoon, and that is always a good thing. Mark told me as I was leaving that he always gets good feedback about my show and says it is one of the most listened to. Great! (so thank you all for listening and tell your friends haha)

I pick up Dan on the way to Philly, but only because he made me an omelette for dinner. I think he cheated because it was perfectly shaped and cooked. Nothing like my omelette experience a few weeks ago.

Make it up to Tanya's for some pre evening boozing and hung out with her roomates before heading to the Grape. Dan grabbed a few beers for us for the ride and off we went to Manayunk.

I love the Grape - always chock full of everyone from the Philly music scene, its like a little reunion every week. Tanya and I grabbed our usual shot and continued our blurry celebration.

Mr. North was amazing, really drunk but amazing. Derek told me later that they were actually throwing up on stage. Rock and roll.

Details details details. Just a lot of talking to different people and planning.

Oh! We went to the diner after. Nothing is finer than the Aramingo diner.

5 am was bedtime.