"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, October 07, 2004

nachos at the park - awake on wednesday

Derek (of Omnisoul) and John (of IKE) played a few songs and chatted for a residence hall program. The only thing they needed was trouble, so Dan, Maryann, and I attended - 2/3rds of us not being U of DE students.

We were hoping it would be a Q & A so Dan devised up some questions while we were at Grotto's...such as JOhn's thoughts on Darwinism and the effect of beards... We ended up arriving late, so we missed Derek saying if anyone had any questions to go ahead. Oh well, we got Devil's Diary, which is almost an even trade off. I think John was taken aback that Dan knew he wrote that 9 years ago. Oh, if he only knew!

Since it was Wednesday, which means nachos at the Park - we loaded up everything and headed to Main Street. Not before I dabbled on the piano and really proved my non musical skills, I blame it on not being a tuned piano. I would have sounded great if that sucker was actually in tune ;-).

Maryann and I hopped into John's minivan, but not before I taunted him for really rocking out the minivan. He knows that I kid in jest and it is great that I can. It was great whan John couldn't get the baby seat out, so Maryann had to sit on a box in the midst of baby toys. I also perused his CD collection, finding not only Beatles Revolver and Beach Boys Pet Sounds, but also a myriad of children's music and compilations from Pottery Barn. Oh John!! So not Rock and Roll! BUt it's John Faye, so what can you say?

We get to the Deer Park and promptly order nachos and beers, except for John - who doesn't drink. The waiter asked if it was because he had a test the next day. Oh way to stroke the ego (insert another Caulfield's reference by Dan here). We ate as Dan and Derek told crazy stories of themselves or band members. We didn't get anything out of John though. Ritchie is crazy and almost made Derek die by drinking glycerin before the Merc. Derek is one of the greatest storytellers ever, and though he always warns me that he loves to talk, it doesn't get old. Speaking of talking, John saved the message that apparently Derek left from my party last weekend. I don't remember telling Derek the story, and Derek doesn't remember calling him. Sigh.

I asked Dan if he thinks that John shudders in fear every night knowing that we exist in the world and he will now never be left alone ever. I think he does.