"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Recapping Friday

There are so many things to catch up on, but I decided to just start with this weekend instead.

Started off my morning waking up late and hearing that there may be a murder in the TV studio. I frantically got dressed, grabbed some CDs, and left my place in disarray.

There was no bloodshed at the studio, so I just putzed around the studio trying to get rid of my killer headache. Akiva called saying he was at the Newark exit two hours early. Aw man, my day just got pushed into fast forward! Ran to Rainbow, then headed off the WVUD. I was going to use my free time to actually prep for my show, but that didn't happen.

Darren Flowers & Akiva were featured on my radio show. We had a good time chatting and playing some music. I wished I had more time to prepare, but such is life. Got some nice phone calls and emails. Thank you.

Dan met up with us at the air studio and to solidify plans for our secret mission. We brought Darren and Akiva to the East End as we told stories, stuffed ourselves, and picked out bad classic rock. Stopped into Berts on the way back and Akiva picked up a shaker to rock out with. I dunno....Derek has some phatty shaker skills....can anyone compare?!

Made it back to my apartment and while I was messing around on the 'puter, the guys fell asleep. I was bored and didn't want to make much noise, so I hung out downstairs for an hour. Around 9, it was decided that Coldstone and Garden State were necessities. I feel bad for Akiva and Darren, who were in my backseat, they hadn't experienced my driving before. They also have never heard Ryan Adams' "Rock n Roll". Dan and I had to DJ so they heard the best of the album, also while trying to make it to Peoples Plaza in ten minutes.

The theatre smelled, but the movie was really good. Got home around midnight and the choice was to either sleep or wander. Roam the streets it was!

Of course it was a typical night in Newark. Walked down the block and ran into someone I knew, found out there was stuff going on at his house, so we destinated there. Aurora was at work still, but a bunch of people were on her porch, so we stopped there instead. Talked to Sarah and Mike then hiked to Cleveland for a few more parties. None of us were dressed for going out, but that was ok, it was just good to get out. So odd going to a party now and not knowing almost everyone there. Also odd being at a party without being blitzed. It was fun though.

We all crash around 3 and poor Darren got stuck with the air mattress. I should find out where that leak is :-). 9 am came all too soon.