"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

five more cities!

I opened up the store on Saturday and spent most of the day entertaining Rob and Raf with my random stories of late. Afterwards, I hit up the TV studio, then the road to Philadelphia - it was Damnwells Day!!

The Damnwells are fantastic and one of my top ten bands right now, and I have Ryan to thank for that years ago. Their full length was finally released earlier this year and I love it. The drummer was a part of Whiskeytown, so of course I have some automatic love for the band.

I finally found parking near Walnut and walked to the Khyber - where I was confronted by a vagrant. Now usually I have a high tolerance and understanding, but this guy was relentless and just asked me too many personal questions. He kept wanting me to go inside and have a drink with him. I started getting weirded out, so I start to text Chris telling him to call me, so at least I will have something to do in the resence of this guy. So then he wants to use my phone. I say no, that I am waiting on a call. After inquiring on whether I am meeting some girls, I blurt out that I am meeting some guy friends. Big guy friends. It was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever said. Chris pulls up, I hop in the car, and we didn't see the guy again. Nice.

We headed up to 6th street to get dinner at Jones. Where else can you get deviled eggs as an appetizer?!??! And a Hound Dog!?! Afterwards, we had a beer at the Philadelphia Fish Market. We were elevated, but I didn't realize it, so I thought everyone who came in were midgets. Whoops.

We got to the Khyber during the second band, Honey Church, and they were decent. Chris would have probably picked up the CD if it wasn't $14. The Damnwells opened up with a full version of "Assholes" and the show just got better from there. The sound was surprisingly good and their energy level was phenomenal. A far better show than their previous gig at the Northstar. They debuted quite a number of new songs that sounded fabulous. The one that I thought sounded the best and was the tightest ended with a guy shouting "five more cities". Though Alex heard "five more times" so he laughed and went into it again. "Electric Harmony" was played and the ender was "Sleepsinging" - one of my favorite tracks on the new CD, but I think it is the single too. Hmmm. Good choice though, I think it is great. They had a pink tank top that had ponies on it, so I also picked up the pony shirt. The pony shirt is my new favorite article of clothing.

Went to the bathroom and stole a poster. Yoink. Threw my shoes off and walked back to my car to find a freaking ticket on it. Oh well.