"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Friday, December 10, 2004

so not a good lay

Well...it ended up being Rob, Charise, Dave, and me watching porn tonight. (see previous blog). Rob and I made the Taco Bell run, because Rob said "nothing says a 'bone party' like tacos." Yeah. So we scrounged up what few bills we had and went down the street to T-Bell for our vegetarian fill.

Charise and Dave came by shortly afterwards with the booze and the PBRs were cracked open and the porn went in.

Well, we all enjoyed Rob's commentary and we all put in our fair share of critiques and deduced that Paris and her bf are really not good lays. Like seriously, they were both pretty damn awful. Granted, Rich had an anaconda, but still, it was excrutiating, no wonder the girl didn't want it out, it all sucked. The night vision was pretty damn funny. It was probably the worst "suck down" and blow job in the history of celebrity porn.

Afterwards we watched the "bonus footage" of the amatuers. We all shared a moment and tomorrow night at the record store should be interesting.

So we were all standing up saying our goodbyes and comforting each other when a vase just fell and shattered. Oh yeah, before that a DVD just fell off the shelf. So fucking weird. I guess my ghost doesn't like porn. I think tonight I may sleep with the lights on, I don't know.

Raf's dad actually practices this sort of stuff and has studied, uh...exorcism? After Rob and Charise witnessed this, they said that it has to be done. Welcome to my spooky world