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Sunday, May 15, 2005

MirandaBands invade Newark

Aw yay. On May 6th, Akiva and JJ Appleton played Amanda's Patio series at U of DE. I wish I could have been there, but alas, work called and I couldn't make the 11 am gig. I did appreciate the late late late night call from Akiva asking for directions, and I'm sorry I missed his other call while I was on the subway. Whoops! But I was there in spirit! So good to know that the show happened and our little rock family gets along and is happy. I heard the show was good, though it was cold outside.

JJ and Akiva also stopped by WVUD to sit in with Joe. I listened in from NYC and laughed as my Friday workday was coming to a close. JJ and Akiva always have me rolling when I hang out with them seperately, and this was the first time they acually hung out together (well, aside from my Homecoming party in October, but that party was insane), so it was pretty much a laugh riot in the studios. And of course my name was brought up and I froze, knowing that everyone in the office was listening in. I wasn't embarassed too much, but my unhealthy obsession for Wawa was brought up. Thanks guys :-). The songs came out pretty well, especially the new ones. Temptation was too great, so I told Laura to hold down the fort as I called WVUD. Joe put me on speaker and I got to say hello to everyone. Oh wow, so weird being on the other end of the radio line.

Glad they both recieved an awesome welcome to the Newark community. The next day, JJ did an in-store at Rainbow. He had asked Maryann how my old apartment was doing and they both agreed that it didn't matter, since I wasn't living there anymore. That it isn't the same and that no other place could have fabulous rooftop parties and shows. Way to make me sad, guys. :-)