"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Sunday, May 22, 2005

sunday bloody sunday

and today was meant for sitting on my ass.

I totally slept for 11 hours last night/this morning - waking up at 2 pm. Not setting the alarm is awesome.I got up, had some M&M's for breakfast, made my bed, brought the laptop into the living room and Lindsey, Cheryl and I have seriously been sitting here working and watching eMpTyV in our underwear and pajamas for the past three hours.

I'm using this rare chunk of free time to upload a ton of discs to itunes. no fear ken, yours is included.

Aw! Tyler! I seriously just excalimed that. Tyler Hilton's vid is playing, and its the old video, not the one that they redid with the chick in it. I just remember that when the video was made, when Tyler was still small time playing in our coffee shop ;-), Aurora, Marissa, and I were in my apartment and had tears of happiness and favorite parts. Oh fun! And now they are following that up with Ciara's "1,2 Step".

Things to do today:
1. upload a kajillion CDs
2. listen to six cds (classification: indie rock) and tell my boss my thoughts on them since they were recommended to us
3. blog about the past week
4. laundry
5. run
6. listen to z104's capital scene at 9 pm
7. watch the season finale of grey's anatomy