"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Today was a great radio show. If you didn't know already, You can hear my show every Friday from 3-5 pm on 91.3fm if you are around New Castle County, DE or on www.wvud.org
Started off with a little Matt Nathanson as the opener. Usually I have the air studio to myself except for Rob and Sean making me laugh, but noooo today there were about 7 different people all at one time. Not that it matters, but it makes me a little shy and nervous haha. Then I had to transmit one of those "this has been a test of the emergency boradcast system..." yeah right smack dab into the Doves. Smart, very smart.
Callers!! I LOVE CALLERS!!! And they called!! Just asking what I was playing and words of encouragement. Wow, everyone rocks. I get more and more callers each week. Thank you thank you thank you.
And I had a person who wanted to chill with me while I did my show. He had awesome taste in music, but unfortunately I don't think I caught his name. So I am sorry, but you know, he did refer to me as Rainbow Girl ;-).
I was going to have an on-air interview around 4, but something happened so I was frantically answering phones and playing music and talking and trying to figure out what was oging on when Rabs and Dennis from the DC area band Flood came in randomly to drop off some flyers about their show tonight. So what the hell, did my first in studio interview and it went pretty well for being so impromptu.
So today defnitely was trying on my DJ skills ;-) It was almost flawless but it was nearly great. Thank you so much.