"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Just because it is free does not mean you should eat it. That is today's lesson. Or Sunday's lesson.
So we have had "Peace A Pizza Day" on the calendar at work for about a week. Whatever you get in, is buy one get one free. Peace A Pizza is the best pizza ever....well, Margherita's is the best pizza ever, but Peace A Pizza is a different breed. So Charise, Max, and I thought it wouldbe a good idea to get 2 pizzas for the three of us. Baaaaaaad idea. Seeing how this pizza is filling after one slive, getting 16 slices really doesn't make sense looking back on it. So we get baked potato pizza and the basil mozzerella pizza with extra tomatoes.
I worked at the record store from open to close and pizza was my breakfast lunch and dinner.
I was in the fetal positon for most of the day when I got home.
Lesson: do not eat more pizza than you can chew. :-X