"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I think I am a vampire.
I was up till 4 am editing the Green to Think video. I think Jen, who was editing a package as well, and I knew we lost it when we struggled to open a box around 2:30am. We couldn't get the box open, and only after did we mangle it did we see the "open here" on the box. You often wonder why such obvious things have labels, such as "open here". Yeah, it's for epople like us in the wee hours of the morning when we have lost all common sense. Jen equated it with labels on irons. Unfortunately I must have missed that label since I still have a triangular mark from three years ago on my arm from when I thought it was a good idea to iron my shirt while still on me.
And speaking of good ideas, I forgot to mention this in my previous blog but was just reminded....Playing Grottos Pizza toss is always a good idea. At the GTT after party Dave wanted me to toss him a piece of pizza, so I asked if I could really toss it. Apparently a vote was taken and nearly all in the room thought this was a bad idea and that Dave and I were too hammered to make decision. Dave reminds everyone that this is really a good idea and to back off. Oh we were successful at the pizza toss.. So there!
And back to GTT. The music video fro Sunday's Were Made For This is going well. If nothing else, I have learned in the television industry that when you expect something to take a certain amount of time, multiply that by four. Again, I go to edit around 10 pm, the mandatory Wawa stop with the girls is crucial before editing--coffee and subs are key to a good work ethic, and didn't leave until 6 hours later. At least I got some things accomplished, Jen worked for about 10 hours for a 30 minute piece all because the Cube decided to die. And I thought I was the only one that broke equipment.
But back to the video again....it's going pretty well and it should be done *soon* so look for it shortly.... Working with 8 video tracks and 6 audio tracks to match up. The final cut will only have two audio tracks, but the other four are need to match the video up. And actually one track is a culmination of 4 other video tracks, so I guess technically I am working with 11 video tracks. Dizzamn. Don't get me wrong, I love doing this, but when I open my tracksheet I feel like a kid running into Toys R Us. You see so much stuff you want to play with and you dart back and forth from aisle to aisle because you want t play with everything and anything at once. At least the song is only 5 minutes long so I am a bit limited ;-) And maybe if the boys sang on time with their studio version then it wouldn't be such a daunting task ;-) So far the rough cut is remincent of a Japanimation film. Maybe I will have reason to use the Karate Kid cuts now....