"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

In 28 hours I went to North Carolina and back.
I had to. There was no other option but to put on another thousand miles on my odometer. Jonasay opened up for Vertical Horizon. At ZIGGY's. VH is one of my favorite bands and I don't think I moved from the side of the stage from Send it Up until You're A God. It's a good thing security didn't try to move me from in front of the barricade because I was going nowhere. Enough said.
IHOP is always great, even better in the rain.

This week should be interesting....mucho hours at the record store...Ike on Thursday, Pat McGee Band and Lloyd Dobbler Effect on Friday, Pete Yorn on Saturday. Pat's favorite record store in DE is Rainbow, perhaps he'll pay a visit while I'm working before playing Newark. :-) Last time he bought some Brittany Spears because him and Chardy were going to see a Brittany show (or when you talk of homogenized bubble gum pop, is it called "show" or is it a "concert" or "performance") and he wanted to be prepared.......

I'm going to update my webapge now, check back in a few hours....