"I'm spinning round the room in awe" ryan adams

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Ok, what happened after that weekend...oh yeah Dewey GTT style. you should check out Green to Think at www.greentothink.com and check out Steve's road journal. Mine will pretty much mirror his haha.
On Friday, Steve, Ken, and Gilligan stopped by WVUD to do some acoustic songs in the studio and play around on air. The songs came out really well, I think we recorded seven.... The we picked out some music and went on air. everyone agrees that the Rhett Miller album is incredible. But have you ever heard GTT back it up? I brought up Steve and Ken up on air during the chorus and I swear I think I nearly fell off my chair from laughter. gilligan walked out and said he wanted nothing to do with this atrocity. It was definitely great. We had a lot of callersand had some fun on air. Good times, check back to GTT's site in the near future to see pictures from the studio.
Then we trekked down Main Street for dinner at the East End. And we looked for houses in PA. Trailers are pretty cheap. Then again, you can move to another zip code in a day if you need to by just putting wheels on the house. Steve reminded us that it was cheap for a reason. And the faucet was fun for all. No wonder all of us were in the bathroom for eternity. The faucet was very sensitive in that if you turned it slightly to the right or left it was comparable to Niagra Falls. Turning the water off became a well honed art.
Then off to Rainbow. We stopped so I could write them directions on how to get out of there, but of course no one can come to rainbow without buying music. lots of music. Lots of good music. Juliana Hatfield and TtWS were a few things that were bought. Gilligan bought a Muffs cd. Again, if you check out GTT's board, you will see how Gilligan got his Muff busted.
(and it is confirmed that Delaware rocks because of no tax and you can leave a camera on a bumper for 5 miles/2 hours and it will still be there when you return)
On Saturday Aurora and I head down to the beach. We went down to see the Dewey Beach Pop Festivaland so i could film GTT for their music video for Sundays Were Made For This (again, check out there site shortly to see it...). The show went all. Full attendence :-) I am gonna butcher everyones names, but hopefully I spell them right. How is it that the guys have the simple names and us girls are the ones with the interesting spellings?!?! Maryellen, Dareen, and Meggan were there and we all got to hang out during the show and after......but more to after later... Also saw Ike play and hung out with them a little but after. Definitely a solid performance. Who else did we see...Pilot radio...Wayne Supergenius....peppers ghost.....hmmmmm can't remember who else...
So since everyone caused a ruckus Friday night, we didn;t want to party at the Southwinds. So i go and get a hotel since we were filming the music video on Sunday. Aurora said that the Marina Sands was totally booked, but I figured we'd try anyway. Aurora, Dave, Dareen, and I went there and the woman gave us a $400 suite for $60. SCORE. So the crew was called and a good time was had in room 410. The room without the number on the front. Had some drinks...had some food...had the camera........
I don't even know where to bign...the superstrong drinks, Ken telling me to "lay off the raspberry shit" Steve's nack and Ken's teeth....Dave and I playing pizza toss. general chaos.....then the napkins emerged.....Chris didn't come over to hang out, so we took his face button and i drew a body and a bass on a napkin. So we pretended Chris was there. That was fun, but not as fun as having GTT as a napkin band. So I made bodies to match all of the GTT pins. That with an immense amount of plastic bottle vodka and captain calls for good times. I think I was seriously crying from laughter most of the time. I can't even explain. If I am crafty enough, I will post it on my site.
And the captain himself came out to close out the party....support original spiced rum, not cover spiced rum
Then the filming of the music video on the beach.
But before that, we ate at Sharkey's. the coolest eatery at the beach :-) Sharkey works 14 hours a day at his restaraunt. And his food is mighty fine.
I think the footage came out great, so lets see what can happen with it now. Between the chorus and the bridge, there was a little Karate Kid action. What is it about poles that makes guys think that they can actually be stuntmen like in the movies ;-) Again, check out the GTT message board for info all about Dave and his masterful pole work..... ;-)
and I think I filmed too much on the beach since at the end, Ken yells out "CAN WE GO HOME YET!!! let's get the hell out of Dodge"
so we did.